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More please Macallan!

Recognise these beauties? Macallan Easter Elchies 2011 and 2013 - there were six in total from 2008-2013 . Cask strength, very limited in number, only available at the distillery, and (for me) most importantly, at a price that was easily affordable for pretty much any pocket, be it drinker or collector. Quality will certainly be assured by these masters, the colour of the liquid seems enticing and the packaging is simple, modern and very striking. These days many distilleries are releasing bottles that will eventually make up a complete set, some more expensive due to bespoke packaging, liquid of an older vintage, or even more limited in number, but we reckon over the years to come this will be one of the most iconic sets of them all - what do you think? More of the same please Macallan !!

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