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Blowing up a storm

With the big freeze going on in the UK this week we thought it would be the ideal time to focus on the aptly named Winter Storm from Glenfiddich, the 3rd part of the Experimental Series -so what do we think? I have tasted this and I was impressed, although it might be a little sweet for my palate after a couple of drams. Stunning though it is, I find the white bottle a little off-putting, personally I prefer the colour of the spirit to be visible in the bottle. Mind you, it's refreshing to see this giant of whisky try something so different, perhaps trying to appeal to a wider audience. The packaging is beautiful, and at 21yo the whisky shows a bit of age too. Priced at around £200 a go it's a great buy and is being snapped up quickly - great bottling Glenfiddich!

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